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Lesley Day

Optician/Registered Ophthalmic Dispenser

Lesley Day has been with our practice since 2012. She is trained as an Optician and is a Registered Ophthalmic Dispenser and a member of the New Hampshire Optician’s Society. She works in our lab inspecting glasses, working on repairs, ordering and tracking glasses and contact lens orders, and is the one who will help you find your perfect pair of glasses. Lesley has had extensive training in Special Education and is certified in Advanced Behavioral Analysis. She has extensive experience working with autistic children at the elementary school level, and she worked with special needs children at the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center for four years. During this time she created a game to help these kids learn which she hopes will be published soon. Lesley has a knack for the culinary arts and has her delectable candies available at The Picket Fence in Mont Vernon.

Lesley lives in Mont Vernon with her husband Chip in a house they built from the ground up. They have two sons, Jerid and Jordan, and three grandchildren, Grace Lilian, Liam Patrick and Jase.